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Furnished Apartments

Furnished Apartments are fully furnished apartments fitted with a kitchen. These apartments are spacious and affordable alternative accommodation for business and leisure travelers; a 'home away from home'. MONDESTAY offers Furnished Apartments at various budgets, sizes and locations for major cities throughout the World. Convenient and cost effective for families and large groups. Furnished apartments do not have the services, unlike hotels and serviced apartments, but provide an suitable housing solution for long-term stays. Utilities and Internet are often included in the rent.

Also known as :
Hotel Apartments, Apartment Hotels, Corporate Apartments, Corporate Housing, Monthly Apartments, Extended Stay Hotel

Spacious Alternative

Spacious and private hotel alterative for all travelers.

Cost Efficient

Cost efficient for longer periods of stay. Prepare meals and savings.

Families and Groups

Larger apartments to accommodate families and large group.

Fully Furnished

No need to purchase furniture. Furnished apartments are fully furnished to meet your needs from day one. Settle down and feel at home at your 'home away from home' in privacy and comfort.


Fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette. Save money and feel more at home by preparing home cooked meals and even entertain guests. Home appliances, dishware, and silverware all set to start life from day one.

Common Amenities

Washer and dryer, TV&DVD player, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, home appliances, utilities included in rent, Internet access etc. are common amenities. Please view apartment details for more information.

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